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How to Truss a Chicken

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This easy approach for how to truss a poultry takes simply a few minutes! Once done, your poultry will prepare dinner extra evenly and more crispy.

Why and How to Truss a Chicken

Struggling to get your hen to cook dinner evenly or can’t appear to obtain the outstanding crispy pores and skin your coronary heart desires? Well, this rapid and convenient trick will assist with each of these things! Once a hen is trussed, it will bake greater evenly and the pores and skin will get a entire lot crispier.

It takes no greater than a couple minutes to do! This approach on how to truss a rooster is great speedy and convenient. All you want is a entire chicken, some butcher’s twine, and very little effort.

You can add this step to any total roast fowl recipe you’d like! I selected to to in reality season my hen with a little bit of ghee, salt, and pepper (following this recipe) after I trussed it. However, you can season and cook dinner your trussed rooster any way your coronary heart desires!

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What You Need to Truss a Chicken

Whole Chicken – Any sized chook will work here. I used a three ½ pound poultry and had outstanding results, however you can truss any sized hen you’d like. You can even use this how to truss a rooster technique on a turkey! Come again to this put up round the vacation trips and honestly comply with the identical steps to truss your Thanksgiving turkey.

Butcher’s Twine – This one hundred percent cotton, unbleached string is absolutely oven-safe. Do no longer strive to use any different type of string when cooking. Butcher’s cord is the solely cord that is definitely secure for culinary use. I propose buying a giant spool of butcher’s cord to final you years! You’ll have lots of cord to truss all your chickens and for any different twine-necessary recipes that comes your way.

Chef’s Tips

Practice this how to truss a fowl technique a few instances earlier than tying and securing the twine. I continually do one exercise run on my fowl earlier than committing to a knot! However, if you do experience like you might’ve messed up – absolutely reduce off the cord and strive it again.

Remember that you will get higher with time! Trussing a rooster will become nearly muscle-memory after your first few tries. And as soon as you see how tons extra evenly and crispy your fowl bakes when trussed, you’ll by no means choose to no longer truss a rooster again.

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Trim the ends of your wire as soon as you’ve tied the bow. Depending on the dimension of your chicken, you would possibly have pretty a bit of wire leftover. Remove any greater string with a easy snip of your scissors earlier than baking!


1 total chicken


Place a piece of kitchen cord about 1 meter lengthy in the middle of your work surface.

Place the fowl on top, breast up, and deliver the wire up and over the legs, down alongside the crease the place the leg meets the body.
Run wire below then over the ends of every leg. Bring strings towards every different and move them over every different to shape an X.

How to Truss a Chicken

Take every give up of cord and pull it lower back under every leg, pulling tight to deliver each legs shut together.

Lift wire up and over legs, assembly in the middle and tightly closed with a bow.

Take wing hints and pull them up and in the back of the physique of the chicken, tucking at the back of the body. Cook rooster as desired.


I cooked my trussed poultry with the recipe from our Best Ever Easy Roast Chicken post!
This technique will additionally work with a turkey! Simply comply with the identical steps for how to truss a turkey instead.

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